Monday, April 18, 2016

All we want to do is pee...

If you think trans people are mentally deranged, sinners of the first order or sexual deviants, we aren't.  Being trans is about having a biological condition, with Dr. Robert Sapolsky, professor of neuroscience at Stanford, summarizing it best after reviewing the over 300 studies about the neurobiology of the trans brain:
The results show that when individuals of Sex A, despite having the chromosomes, gonads and sex hormones of that sex, insist that they’re really Sex B; the gender-affected parts of the brain typically more closely resemble what’s usually seen with Sex B …
The issue isn’t that sometimes people believe they are of a different gender than they actually are. Remarkably, instead, it’s that sometimes people are born with bodies whose gender is different from what they actually are.
All we want to do is do the best we can, and cope with a condition we were born with.  And sometimes we have to pee, without producing a birth certificate, which seems a simple enough thing to ask.  (But see North Carolina's new law.)   As Saplosky says in a later article:  
It’s not that transgendered individuals think they are a different gender than they actually are. It’s that they’ve had the profoundly crappy luck to be stuck with bodies that are a different gender from who they actually are.
And if you decide to ignore the science, the fact trans is biological, and instead you want to persist with the screams of "witch, witch"  and think we all should be in a bathroom of "our birth gender," here's another problem.  Below are pictures of me, a trans woman (birth gender: male), and Shawn, a trans man (birth gender: female.)  Do you really think I wouldn't eventually lose my life in a North Carolina men's bathroom, and do you really think Shawn could walk into a women's room without being arrested?

When it comes down to it, maybe we should bar priests and politicians from bathrooms.  That is, if molestation is really a concern.    

Julie, a trans woman
Shawn, a trans man

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