Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Louella's poem …

Recently, I posted this: Teaching poetry to third graders …

Well, it seems that one of of Wendy's students, named Louella, wrote a poem on her own. Louella is 9. I asked Wendy to send it to me. Here it is:

Louella’s poem for her grandmother

B is for Bowen who likes to kick.
E is for Ellie whose books are thick.
E is for Emmy who’s quick with, ‘hello’.
F is for Fiona who plays the cello.
H is for Harper who’s at a new school.
H is for Hayes who thinks he’s quite cool.
H is for Hillary who works with spreadsheets.
I is for Isla who woos all she meets.
J is for Jackson who is now a Vol.*       
J is for Jessie who plays fiddle, y’all.
L is for Lexi who’s married to Mike.
L is for Louella who’s hard not to like.
P is for Pitty Pat who keeps her feet to the fire.
P is for Papa who’s about to retire.

*U. of Tenn. ‘Vols’ - Volunteers - are sports team members)

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