Thursday, April 07, 2016

Moronic students …

… Everyone mistook a priest for a KKK member.

How do dimwits like this get admitted to college?


  1. Frank, I'm afraid your post title is redundant; the modifier is already embedded within the noun.

    Note: I write this comment as I sit in a computer lab on campus where I am -- God help myself and others -- substituting for an ill professor; yes, believe it or not, the English department begged me to cover for someone, and -- warts and all -- here I am. Ain't life strange! BTW, students have become very strange over the years. I blame parents and K-12 teachers.

  2. I must beg to differ, Tim. I have met a good number of students who seem as bright as any I knew when I was one. Those are the ones who are pushing back against these others. What is amazing about this story is that they see someone in a white robe and the only thing they can think of is the KKK? They've never heard of monks or friars? What cocoon did these people crawl out of?

  3. Correction: the modifier is too often embedded within the noun.

    Trust me. You may have met exceptions, but I think I've encountered enough students and accumulated enough evidence over the past 20 years to make and support that observation.