Friday, April 15, 2016


… Are you a clifihead? - San Diego Jewish World.


  1. so far, two people who read this column, wrote to me and said ''ABSOLUTELY.'' A top NYT reporter said "I LIKE IT!"

  2. ​Subject: Re: 'Cli-fi-heads' turning heads as 'cli-fi' blasts into culture at large as Dominic O'Key in UK credited with coining the term

    A former mainstream Christian religion columnist at a major USA newspaper, now retired, but still blogging in his 70s, tell me:

    Dear Dan,
    In addition to Cli-Fi heads, are there other parts of the body used to describe fans who may not be as intellectual? Like Cli-Fi butts? Just curious.



    ​I replied to Bill,'

    yes! that is a good rejoinder and i love it. ''Cli-fi butts'' -- for sure​! i will add that to the list of body parts. i love it. i guess cli fi butts would be sort of what might be referred in other places as assholes. haha


  3. This is the pHD student in UK who coined the term...'key -- Dominic O'Kay