Sunday, May 01, 2016

Inquirer reviews …

… E.O. Wilson's 'Half-Earth': A bold proposal to save biodiversity.
Wilson invokes multiple biblical references. He includes a lengthy quote of the passage in which God taunts Job, a startling section of the Bible that a rabbi friend described to me as one of the oldest pieces of extant nature writing. Unlike most science writers, he's plowed this field before: Ten years ago, he wrote a book addressed to clergy, pointedly questioning their absence in the fight to save creation.
Well, since he thinks that  religion "is dragging us down" and ought to be got rid of "for the sake of human progress" maybe we should take his Biblical appeals with a grain of salt.

… 'Two If By Sea': A lot of drama, perhaps too much.

… '26 Songs in 30 Days': How Woody Guthrie wrote those great songs - for $266.

'Poisonous' reveals toxic teen Internet culture.

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