Thursday, May 05, 2016

Interesting fellow …

… The Hilarious Conservative Pundit Parody Purveyor Speaks Out | The Daily Caller. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

I’m a white Southern Evangelical, and I believe just about everything you would expect a white Southern Evangelical to believe—minus the part where support for the modern nation state of Israel is some sort of eschatological imperative. I believe righteousness exalteth a nation, which is to say I’m slightly more socially conservative than Bob Jones. And I’m somewhat pessimistic about prospect of worldwide peace, love, and tolerance in our lifetime, which colors a lot of my thinking on foreign policy. But I wouldn’t say I’m all that ideological, by which I mean I save my loyalty for God, country, and flesh-and-blood human beings rather than socio-political abstractions.
 Forgive me for referencing myself, but this reminds me of something I wrote in The Inquirer recently:

Trump may not be conservative enough for the staff of National Review. But neither are a good many people who routinely vote Republican. They are not ideologues. They do not spend their evenings reading Friedrich von Hayek or Milton Friedman. They love their country, work hard, pay their bills, and worry about their kids. Lots of them go to church on Sunday but are not especially missionary about their faith — unless pushed.
Aquinas maintained that truth is the conformity of the mind to reality (intellect and thing, to be precise). For too many intellectuals truth is the conformity of reality to their ideas about reality.

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