Monday, May 09, 2016

Existence and transcendence …

… The Writers' Almanac: Can Flannery O'Connor lead a reader out of confusion, despair, and blindness?

I have realized that I have become a very flawed reader. My understanding of words, phrases, and sentences has become damaged (just as my understanding of almost everything in life has become damaged) … Sometimes my thinking and understanding are quite clear. At other times I am baffled by the most ordinary things.
That's the way it happens if you get this far along in a lifetime. Just adapt to circumstances. We had no problem with that at the start, because it was all we could do. So, when we were toddlers, we made it up the stairs on hands and knees, because we sure in hell weren't ready to do it like the big folks. So you start accommodating to cognitive change. No, you can skip that Jeapardy appearance. Memory is often a fishing expedition — enjoy it, lots of surprises come that way. And a lot of it is just slowing down and noticing what's going on, which turns out to be a blessing, because this is the last act. Time now to take a good look at where we've been all these years.

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