Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sadly true …

 Pope Francis and the Decline of the West | RealClearPolitics.

The Church has not always been graced with great Popes.


  1. I agree Frank -- the jury is till out on Francis however. The article, in attacking Francis, proceeds from two unsupportable conclusions; 1) Murder has different degrees of bad. I think not. Murder is murder. And 2) terrorism has no economic component. OF course it does. The majority of the foot soldiers who do the dirty work are seeking some way out of the crushing poverty they and their families live in. To say those people don't even exist is simply not factually correct.

  2. My objection has to do with the refusal to acknowledge that this particular terrorism is Islamic in origin. You don't get anywhere if you don't get your terms straight. This pope too often shoots from the lip and he strikes me often as incurable bien-pensant. My own feeling is that a component of Islam has become a religion for sociopaths, and that it behooves all good Muslims to take stand up against that. As a Catholic I would no sympathy for anyone killing people in the name of the Church.