Saturday, October 08, 2016

Interesting indeed …

 Review: Håkan Sandell, Bill Coyle (trans.), ‘Dog Star Notations’. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

In 1995, Sandell published On Retrogardism with his friend and fellow poet Clemens Altgård, which argued, Coyle tells us, that poetry had “become too insular…too contemptuous of its own medium” to “communicate meaningfully.” Sandell put it this way in a recent English-language blog post: “the oral was lacking, the epic was lacking, the music was gone, and so on. Not true for the Modernist pioneers and masters to be fair, but certainly for what was coming out of the contemporary festival microphones…Even the vulgar was lacking. The heaven in those poems had not God, the streets in them had no life.”

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