Monday, July 17, 2017

Heartening …

 Pope Benedict’s SOS | The American Conservative.

Recognizing the toxins of modern secularism, as well as the fragmentation caused by relativism, Benedict Option Christians look to Scripture and to Benedict’s Rule for ways to cultivate practices and communities. Rather than panicking or remaining complacent, they recognize that the new order is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be lived with. It will be those who learn how to endure with faith and creativity, to deepen their own prayer lives and adopting practices, focusing on families and communities instead of on partisan politics, and building churches, schools, and other institutions within which the orthodox Christian faith, can survive and prosper through the flood. … If we are going to be for the world as Christ meant for us to be, we are going to have to spend more time away from the world, in deep prayer and substantial spiritual training—just as Jesus retreated to the desert to pray before ministering to the people. 
This sounds about right to me. The contemporary world seems increasingly alien to me. I am not going to waste whatever time remains to me bothering about it.


  1. I read with considerable interest your posting/link. I am not a Catholic, as you know, but I detect an unfortunate and (dare I say, unchristian) political agenda in the Vatican. I wish you well in what I take to be your embrace of the Benedict Option. And, as for myself, this from Wordsworth seems apt:

  2. One of my favorite poems.