Saturday, July 01, 2017

Hmm …

… The New York Times Is Killing Its Soul. (Ht tip, Dave Lull.)

Well, I think the Times's soul died awhile back but this is certainly true:

The ugly secret of newspapers is that copy editors do a great deal of what non-journalism people think reporters or other editors, with fancier titles, do. They have for generations caught typos; deleted potentially horrifying factual errors; made 20 inches of bloated copy into a tight, bright, and juicy 12; noticed inconsistencies in a narrative and put a reporter on the phone to walk through fixing them; pushed back against the use of empty political jargon; made sure the photos matched the story; made sure stories get to the point before readers become bored; and done what is easily one of the most important jobs of all—crafting the headlines that make people read the stories.
I was, for quite a few years, a copy editor.

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