Friday, July 14, 2017

Well, yes, unfortunately …

 'Climate change angst' is a global anxiety, and borderless | Danny Bloom | The Blogs | The Times of Israel.

God knows, enough effort has been put into stirring up the anxiety, though the solution always appears to be to raise taxes and to give tax revenue to alternative energy enterprises that end up achieving far less than advertised. (Following the money works for this, too.)

If you cannot reflexively name the geologic epoch Earth is currently in, you really have no right to an opinion in this matter. And, by the way, I am quite convinced that human activity has been a driving factor in the longevity of Earth's current geologic epoch. And I am grateful for that, though I do not believe it will prove enough in the long run.

Those who stir up the anxiety should forgo riding in private jets and should live in modest dwellings. They should support fracking for natural gas, which produces 50 to 60 percent less CO2 and they may want to revisit nuclear power.

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