Sunday, August 12, 2018

Inquirer reviews …

'The Last Cruise' by Kate Christensen: Existential voyage with a diverse cast of characters.

… Michael Robertson's 'Last Utopians': The American habit of reaching for perfection.

 'Oceans Ventured': A Cold War secretary of the Navy on his facedowns with the Soviets.

Regarding the last of these:
 Those around Lehman believed NATO’s naval strategy of defending the line between Greenland, Iceland, and the UK, the so-called GIUK Gap, smacked of a “Maginot mentality” that would fail just as the Maginot line had failed France in World War I.
The reviewer is not responsible for the error. Professor Brose is well aware that the Maginot Line was built in 1930. Some genius at the The Inquirer changed it from World War II to World War I. So far as as I know the paper hasn;t served up a correction, so I thought I would.

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