Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Professional advice …

… Mental-health experts who believe that they should have the authority to remove President Trump from office are off their heads. | City Journal.

For an American to compare contemporary life in America, no doubt unsatisfactory as it is in many respects, with life in a fascist or Nazi dictatorship is self-dramatizing, self-pitying, and an implicit insult to those millions who suffered or died under totalitarian dictatorships. It is perfectly legitimate to oppose the government and to despise the person of the president; it is another thing entirely to claim jurisdiction over whether he should be entitled to be president and whether he ought to be removed by committal to a mental institution. In the Soviet Union, psychiatrists occupied the kind of commissarship that Gartner is appealing for now. So who is the real fascist here?
Theodore Dalrymple is himself a psychoatrist.

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  1. No, the US is not a fascist state, but there are warning signs: demonising the press as 'enemy of the people' is just one of them.