Friday, August 09, 2019

Hmm …

… Statistics Confirm Bleak Prospects For Local Print Newspapers. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

I just finished looking through this morning's edition of the paper I was employed at for 28 years. The only thing I read was the piece about the Phillies, and the one about the Eagles.
For the rest, I understood that I should disapprove of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for doing what its title indicates it is supposed to do, that guns are the problem not people with problems (no mention that I saw of yesterday's stabbing spree in California).
What I want from a newspaper is dispassionate reporting (which is hard to do). Just the facts, Ma'am. I'll make up own mind about them. But everybody these days seems to have gone into journalism in order to change the world.They don't seem to realize how much they and we would learn if they just tried to find out as much about things from as many different angles as possible. 
"Democracy dies in darkness." "Community dies in darkness." Forget the slogans. Replace the bulbs.

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