Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Propaganda disguised as journalism …

… WHO HIRES THESE REPORTERS? THIS IS REALLY INCOMPETENT: “Washington Post Glibly Dismisses Mental Illness as Cause of Mass Shootings.”

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  1. It's amazing that we are talking about damage control on the president's behavior. It should not be about him.

    Yet, he is tied into the issue by his racist "rapist" vermin comments, and his venomous use of "invasion" to frame good asylum seekers.

    We have a leader who is preaching about a Mexican invasion. The El Paso shooter may have actually believed himself a soldier for America. Is there something mentally up with him. Sure.

    For the president to come out and say that the problem is mental illness, means he is taking no responsibility whatsoever for the white supremacist violence, shooting and bombs included, deflecting from his repeated incitements to violence.

    This also means that anyone who cares one iota whether the Dayton shooter was a Warren supporter, is missing the entire point. Warren did nothing to incite the shooter. We can all imagine any prisoner on death row or anywhere, could have a different political persuasion. Indeed, we know that the criminals who have been in, and are under investigation in the president's entourage, are Republicans. Why bring this up? Because it has nothing to do with El Paso. Like, the issue of mental illness does not make these latest shootings different from others.

    I need to be very selective with WP, each month before they shut me out. But just to note, someone with, mental illness is far more likely to be a victim of violence. Consider a homeless person on the street, who is murdered. We may know that the homeless individual was mentally ill. What about the shooter? Seems so. Is violent hate, greed, white supremacy, and such tied to mental illnesses also? Okay, but it does not get the criminals off the hook.