Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Hmm …

‘Strange Rites’ Review: The Freedom to Mix and Match - WSJ.

Many of the nones, Ms. Burton points out, say they pray regularly and think “spiritual energy” resides in physical objects. They also believe that God, however they may define the word, protects, rewards and punishes them. Nor are the formally religious too principled to embrace the smorgasbord approach to faith: Nearly a third of self-identifying Christians say they believe in reincarnation.
All of which suggests that they haven’t really thought these matters and may not know how to go about doing that.

 “Strange Rites” is a bracing tour through the myriad forms of bespoke spiritualism and makeshift quasireligions springing up across America: the ersatz piety and self-veneration of “wellness culture”; the startlingly earnest and deeply strange world of Harry Potter fan fiction; the newer, woker forms of sexual utopia, witchcraft and satanism that are now prevalent among the affluent young.
In other words, they’ll believe in just about anything.

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