Tuesday, January 03, 2023

What about your brain, honey?

… Mating with 'shorter people' is a 'step toward a greener planet' since smaller individuals are 'inherent conservationists,' New York Times op-ed claims - TheBlaze.

The essay by writer Mara Altman, titled "There Has Never Been a Better Time to Be Short," argued that people of shorter stature live longer and are "better" for the planet because they use fewer resources.

I used to be 6 1.  Now that I’m 81, I’ve lost a couple of inches. I’ve also lost a good bit of my appetite (as my mother did at the same age).  Well, shorty, don’t bother any tall guys. At least not until you stopping looking only for science articles that only support yourOpEd point. Lo, hoe The Times has fallen.

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  1. Some years ago, Fran Lebowitz said that the hanging out with the very rich--something she liked to do--was like attending a wrap party for The Wizard of Oz. Perhaps those of shorter stature are impelled to make more money, which of course leads to the consumption of more resources.