Sunday, March 06, 2005

A mystery in real time via email ...

I visited one of the sites listed by Jill Walker, The Daughters of Freya ( This is an email mystery by Michael Betcherman and David Diamond. For $7.49 you get a few emails at random every day over a three-week period, which is how long it takes for the mystery to be resolved. You can read the first three emails for free, which is what I have just done. The story has to do with a cult in California (where else?) that thinks free sex is the answer to everything. And they do mean free: Members -- it's an all-female cult, by the way -- are encouraged to have sex with strangers. The parents of one member are less than amused and want the group investigated. That's all I know so far. Stay tuned.

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  1. It's certainly an interesting concept. I read the entire story, and although I was a bit skeptical at the outset, I really enjoyed it! The format certainly won't replace the printed book, but it was a fun change of pace.