Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tales of two novelists ...

On Friday Ann Althouse linked to Richard Lawrence Cohen's example of a Literary Rivalry. Part Two of Rivalry appeared on Sunday.
I think the first of these defines two equally valid approaches. Joseph Conrad and Graham Greene traveled the world. Jane Austen and William Faulkner pretty much stayed at home.
The second difference I'm not so sure about. I think most writers work at their craft every day, and make their own inspiration.


  1. there is a rivalry going on in the literary world today that has gotten some attention... the rivalry between pseudo-underground and the real underground of literature... Folks who follow it basically know it as the McSweeney's set versus the Underground Literary Alliance (www.literaryrevolution.com). If any Philadelphians or others nearby want to find out why some talented folks are grumpy about the books coming out today, come out to Medusa's (Chestnut and 21st) on July 16th at 5 PM. The ULA will have a reading featuring underground legend Jack Saunders, among others.

  2. Hi BradyDale:
    Tell me more. I would indeed come out on July 17 -- I have an invitation on my desk at my office -- but I will be out of town through most of July, up in the mountains reading Chinese poetry. I will ask Katie Haegele, who is going to guest-blog for me, if she can make it. But keep me informed. That's what this blog is for.

  3. The big news of the event is definitely Jack Saunders.... He's been writing short books, pamphlets and etc. for years. His writing is really compelling... he has a new book coming out called BUKOWSKI NEVER DID THIS, and this is sort of the gala event for it.
    Other solid local writers will be present, too. The energy will be high, performances fast and the smell of holy crusade in the air. Should be very, very worthwhile. Anyone who cares about books should come and come with a thoughtful mind.

  4. I just added the Underground Literary Alliance to the links.