Saturday, February 24, 2007

According to Bryan ...

... and I can hardly disagree, "weird Americana is always fun on Saturday." Hence, his post about Righting the Wrongs of Wikipedia. But get this. As Bryan noticed, there is no page for "Jesus Christ," but there is one for Jesus, which has this to say about Jesus of Nazareth: "... believed by Christian followers to be God's dad, who came to earth as a human c 2 AD. However, God has recently revealed on His blog that Jesus is actually His nephew, not His son."

Whatever we make of that, I believe I can top Bryan in the Weird Americana category, with this: No Strings.

I ask you, Bryan, is there a single British politician (with the possible exception of George Galloway) who can match the blend of vacuity and inanity this bunch displays?


  1. You've probably not come across John Prescott. Lucky you. Funny clip, thanks.

  2. Touché, Bryan. I had forgotten about Prescott.