Sunday, March 25, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... Carlin Romano finds himself much taken with the romantic ambivalence of Lionel Shriver's latest: Taking both paths at the fork in the road.

David Thayer finds himself fascinated by Natsuo Kirina's Grotesque: Beauty as the monster devouring family's lives.

Roger Miller finds Andrew Burstein's take on Washington Irving refreshing: An American 'Original'.

Katie Haegele looks at the effect new media is having on the form of story-telling: Does storytelling change in context of new forms of media?.

Speaking of ambivalence, Ed Sozanski likes Jonathan Wilson's take on Chagall's: Chagall, between his roots and his art .

Sandy Bauers likes listening to a (sort of) kid's tale: 12-year-old narrator sounds just right for novel about a boy.

Last week ...

Rita Giordano wasn't at all bugged by Tyler Knox's Kockroach: Book Review | Inventive, unsettling roach in man's clothing.

Charles Desnoyers was impressed with Margaret MacMillan's account of the rapprochement of China and the U.S.: Book Review | Fine account of thawing cold war with China in 1972.

Finally, in connection with this review by Suzanne Blair, Rus Bowden sends along this link: Neeta Jain discusses"Body Language" on KRON.

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  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I think Cathy will be interested in that review by Katie Haegerle, so I've sent her the link. Her chapter 3 was not selected for the Scriblist group book, but a friend's from her school was -- so now she is working on chapter 4. It is gratifying to see what an inspirational project this is becoming.