Friday, August 24, 2007

I have a warm spot ...

... in my heart for anarchism.

Here is the PeterLeeson piece referred to: Anarchy Unbound.

Anarchy, like all political-economic organizations, is riddled with problems. It is not clear that these problems are any more numerous or severe than those that plague governments, however. I have argued that anarchy works better than you think. In the face of obstacles that stand in the way of individuals’ ability to cooperate for mutual gain, individuals develop solutions to overcome these obstacles. This is as true in society ruled by government as one that exists without government. Where the state does not provide law, order, or the institutions required to produce these things, private institutions emerge to perform these roles instead.
Before you sneer, consider America's new Privileged Class.

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  1. I think the rise of the internet gives us the tools to begin thinking of having a system of governance that's based on anarchy. Because the internet perpetuates associations that are a smack in the face of hierarchical privileges.