Monday, January 28, 2008


... Bryan has hit on something important: On Opinion.

"... a large number of people I know seems to define themselves through opinions and to judge others by theirs. I am incapable of doing this, which is, I'm afraid, a very disabling condition."

I suffer from the same disability. And it's growing worse as I grow older.

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  1. Anonymous7:02 PM

    No opinion? No prob.

    IMO, declaring one does not possess an ability to form an opinion is, in fact, itself a formulation of an opinion; thus, one wanders among the wobblies in the aether of logical fallacy until one gets WIRED and reads the most gawdawful gorgeously brilliant guy writing in Cyberia, the one-and-only self-described author, columnist, and animist Lore Christian Fitzgerald Sjöberg who bodaciously opines:

    "You may be impaired by — among other things — the lack of an actual opinion on the subject at hand. That's OK, opinions are filthy, malodorous things that tend to fall apart under close examination. What you need is something that appears to be an opinion without actually requiring defense, justification, or rational thought."

    Um, ah, erm . .
    Needs more cowbell.