Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two good questions ...

... What is science and why do we care? (Hat tip, Maxine Clarke.)

I wonder if Sokal "believes" in global warming? He should have followed his own scientific principles and done a bit of research in order to determine what genuine faith consists in, rather than just parrot the cliches of militant atheists. He could start by reading Rudolf Otto's The Idea of the Holy, which he has probably never heard of. Of course, Henry Gee in his comment says all this better than I do.

Update: Dave Lull wonders if Sokal is in fact insufficiently skeptical and sends along Sokal and Bricmont: Back to the Frying Pan and Being an Absolute Skeptic.


  1. Anonymous2:42 AM

    Henry writes a very good argument about religion- who could disagree? Not me. However, religion is not homeopathy, and I like what Sokal, Ridley and co did and said about that.

  2. Good point, Maxine. Too bad Sokal and Ridley do not grasp that homeopathy is not religion.