Sunday, March 30, 2008

Always interesting ...

... Giant Bird News. Nige is certainly right about cormorants. Not very attractive at all.

Debbie and I, as you doubtless know, live right smack in the heart of South Philly. We have a tiny patio garden, where I have placed a few bird feeders. During the winter just about the only birds to visit were house sparrows. But now that spring has arrived, regular diners include juncos, house finches, song sparrows, mourning doves, robins, cardinals and mockingbirds. Not a lot, but not bad, either.


  1. Not bad indeed, Frank - sounds positively enviable. In my garden, the birds keep getting elbowed aside by grey 'squirrels' (one of your country's less welcome exports) who hang by their tails from the branch and help themselves to the contents of the bird feeder. I must invest in squirrel-proof feeders for next winter...

  2. Hi Nige,
    I confess I actually feed the squirrels peanuts, but I do have some feeders that have proved squirrel-proof, mostly because of where they're hanging. I'll take a picture and post it later this week.