Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It certainly saves time ...

... His Love Affair with Plagiarism.


  1. I am angered at Twitchell's blatant thefts and saddened that it happened at the University of Florida, the school from which I hold my master's degree.

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Good golly, Miss Molly -- I know him. I got my B.A. at UF, as did my brothers, and one of my bros used to sing Jim T's praises all the time.

    As a former English professor myself, I am aghast. We try to teach our students in Composition 101 that the greatest sin of the academic world is to steal someone else's words or ideas and present them as one's own. Really. I used to fail plagiarists to scare others who might try, but I think when people get away with it, they find it hard to stop.

    Thank God for Google. You really can find any phrase with it. Probably why Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass got nipped in the bud, though I'm not sure if that's how D. Kearns Goodwin and the other plagiarizing historian (now dead I think; I'm blanking on his name) were caught. Anyone know?

  3. Anonymous4:14 PM


    Maybe you're htinking of Stephen Ambrose?

  4. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Right you are, John, as ever!