Saturday, June 27, 2009

I didn't notice ...

... but then I wasn't paying much attention, either: Jackson dies, almost takes Internet with him.


  1. You didn't notice. Neither did anyone who thought of Jackson as just another pedophile.

    Heavy traffic to a site brings it down til the techs add servers. An old story. That the hypster media needs to add IT to the hand wringing media circus that the death of a self-loathing, plastic surgery addicted, pain pill popping, POP star has become is just more evidence that today's 'journalists' don't really deserve the title.

    "Oh look, another story that'll feed my laziness. Column inches for nothing and chicks for free!"


  2. Well. I kind of liked "Billie Jean." Otherwise, I would say spot on. Remember, for years, I worked in the pop arts section of a major metropolitan daily. Bear in mind, when you think about the media, that the Micahel Jackson coverage reflects exactly the view they have of you, dear reader.

  3. I think the media are correct in assuming that their readers/listeners/viewers are interested in Michael Jackson's death.

    It is the ultimate reality program.

    Even intelligent news junkies are following the news reports, so I suppose it has some interest.

    But I don't think it is a news story as important as, say, street riots in Iran, nukes in North Korea or the murder of some non-celebrity any where in the world. And the around-the-clock TV coverage is way over the top.

    I stopped watching TV news because I've had enough.

    I think he was a talented entertainer and I like some of his music, but I also think he was a deeply troubled man - and I believe he was a serial pedophile.

    People should not forget that although he bribed his way out of lawsuits and criminal charges, he still, according to the evidence and his own statements, abused children.

    Like Elvis Presley before him, dying was a smart career move. His music is selling very well this week.