Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Natural selection ...

... will prevail, I suspect: The New Math of Poetry.


  1. Natural selection? I doubt it. Although I suppose one could argue that the rampant corruption the university programs foster is "natural".

    Most of what comes out of the natural selection of today's PO-biz bores the hell out of me. But the poets that I've tripped over at readings have proven very exciting. Including David Alpaugh.

    It's too bad that the math he talks about, coupled with the corrupt university system poetry is locked into, will keep him from ever appearing in one of those "best" anthologies. Well .. maybe it isn't all that bad. It's not like I'll ever buy one of those anthologies. For the very reason that David won't be presented in it.


  2. I'm pretty much with you on this, Blue. The most vital poetry - the most vital art - is never to be found in school. And real poets never play it that safe, don't you think? None of which is to say real and great poetry can't be written by scholars. I give you A.E. Housman.