Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My latest column ...

... The operating mystery is what truth is all about.


  1. I am reminded of Ralph Ebner's lovely little book titled "God Present As Mystery," It's one of the best evocations and descriptions of the Mystery, which is beyond what reason can understand. It gives me a sense of what God really is, along with Meister Eckhart's sayings, and I actually take some solace in the lack of our ability to encompass or limit Mystery. There are mysteries that abound in daily life, and some of them seem miraculous in context. None of the traditional or classical images of God work for me; I left that behind a long time ago. But Mystery is something I can relate to.

  2. An elegant essay, Frank.

    I very much like (and I think Keats would also like) your well-drawn distinction between that which is true and that which is truth. Like you, I wonder if we can ever fully apprehend that which is truth (and beauty) in the here and now, or do we now have only the slightest occasional glimpses that are limited by our earth-bound perceptions (unless we are given the gift common to mystics). And so we wait until it is perhaps fully revealed–someday.

    Well done!