Saturday, July 24, 2010

OK, let's take a look ...

... I love this song (it evokes intense personal reminiscence). But let's be honest. It is utterly contrived. "I'm just livin' in a dump like this." Well, Bruce wasn't living in any dump at the time, and never had. "I'm sick of sittin' around here tryin' to write this book." Oh, come on. And yet, as I say, I love it. Maybe because I did live what he imagined. And he imagined it well.

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  1. Thanks, Frank! This was a song that really captured Springsteen's fans in the 80s. I remember part of the buzz, leading up to his "Born In the USA" tour concerts, was 'who might be hauled up on the stage for the dance?'

    It's funny, I had similar thought in his song, "57 Channels and Nothing On" ... thinking, "what's this about ... what's happened to the guy who would have sneered at someone spending too much time in front of the tube?"

    BTW, apologies to you both for my comments on your "Nelson" post ... in retrospect, the grumpy old guy was ME.