Thursday, November 25, 2010

One more reason ...

... to give thanks: Levi Stahl writes to say that the University of Chicago Press will be "publishing e-book editions of all twelve of the novels that make up Anthony Powell's A Dance to the Music of Time--and for the month of December we'll be giving away the first book, A Question of Upbringing, for free." Here is where to go.

I think I have mentioned before that the first review I ever wrote for The Inquirer was of the final volume of Dance, which necessitated reading the preceding 11 first. I loved the novels, but haven't read them since. I don't mind e-books at all, so you can be sure I'll be getting my freebie and buying the rest. Hard to beat the price. And Powell's masterpiece deserves to be better known than it seems to be these days.

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  1. Anthony Powell has always been on my list of "to be read someday," so I'll be picking up the free e-book version as well. He certainly seems a bit more accessible than Proust.