Monday, December 27, 2010

More on gratitude ...

... “Life itself is the gift…” — Forrest Church on gratitude, with a few words from Joseph Brodsky, too.

Once again, I feel obliged to recall John Hall Wheelock's insight that “to have lived / Even if once only, once and no more, / Will have been – oh, how truly — worth it.”

I think being alive is a grace from God. But even if you think it's just happenstance, it still seems grounds for gratitude.

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  1. Lorraine3:48 AM

    I live in the UK and I embarked on my own Year of Living Gratefully on Sept 21st. It took me 94 days to realise that unless I saw my my birth as the first, precious gift, I would have difficulty in experiencing gratitude in other areas of my life.