Friday, May 20, 2011

Sharing ...

The other night I gave a reading at the Bolingbroke Mansion in Radnor. It was a very pleasant experience. The fellow who invited me, Noah Cutler, read some of his work as well, and I was rather taken with the first poem he read because of how well the rhymes worked. He had graciously allowed me to post it here.

A Commanders Lamentation

By: Noah D. Cutler ©

High of spirit, movements deft,

The tools of death they learned to heft;

So many gone, and too few left.

War’s a monster that men must feed,

Into the breach to fill the need,

To stand and fight, to sweat and bleed.

The scars of war, a silent token

In places where no words are spoken

Of innocence lost and promises broken.

I’ve paced all night, while others slept.

I’ve asked forgiveness, prayed and wept,

For lives left broken and promises kept.

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