Saturday, August 20, 2011


... The week in pictures: 19 August 2011 - Telegraph.

The caption reads: "The cast and crew of a zombie film starring Brad Pitt are on location in Glasgow, which is standing in for Philadelphia." Standing in for Philadelphia! They jest, of course. Nothing can stand in for Philadelphia. Like you can get a hoagie in Glasgow.


  1. Well Dundee stood in for Moscow when the BBC made a film about Guy Burgess and co, before Glasnost and before it became possible to film there. I think it is fairly common to have cities standing in for other cities?
    In the TV film of Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, the producers simply switched the location from Cambridge to Edinburgh, because some of the later books were set in Edinburgh. One of several reasons why the adaptation was not successful.

  2. You're right, of course, Maxine. In fact, Philadelphia has actually stood in for New York City, which is pretty ridiculous. I like my home town, but New York it is not.