Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An apology to Shelley ...

In responding to Shelley's comment on this post of mine I come off sounding petulant, an unfortunate example of my fingers moving faster than my mind. What I was trying to get across is how essential to our system of government the absence of a religious test for political office is. The question has sometimes been raised as to whether President Obama is a Muslim. I have seen no evidence that he is, and even if he were, so what? Better a pious Muslim than an indifferent Christian. I think that to make any exceptions on this matter is dangerous. Moreover, as is pointed out in the article, the Times has no problem with Harry Reid's Mormonism. I don't remember if the Times made an issue of Romney's father's Mormonism when George Romney ran for President. I am sure they made no issue of it when Mo Udall ran.
Anyway, my tone was rude, and for that I apologize to Shelley.

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  1. Whee is the "Respect" button when one needs it?