Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Indeed ...

... Gimme a brick! The T. S. Eliot Prize controversy that shouldn't have been - The Globe and Mail.

Has the widow Eliot forgotten that her husband once worked in a bank?

My apologies to Mrs. Eliot. As Maxine points out in her comment, Valerie Eliot has no part in this controversy. My mistake.


  1. I think it is the woman contestant who withdrew in protest against the hedge-fund, who is, in the piece to which you link, being asked whether she knew Eliot worked in a bank.

    Valerie Eliot's only role here was to have established the prize in the first place - and presumably she employs someone to invest his legacy for her. I don't think she is at all involved in this controversy (manufactured by the two contestants).

  2. Thank you, Maxine, for explaining that. I read the text too fast. My apologies to Mrs. Eliot.