Friday, January 20, 2012

Well, well ...

... Apple Enters the Textbook, Self-Publishing Market.

... make no mistake, while this is a breakthrough in transforming how textbooks are created and distributed, the iBooks 2 format (and iBooks authoring tool) can and will be used to create any kind of media enriched book along with the ability to instantly publish it to the iPad platform. Indeed the Apple spokesperson demoing the new product said, "Anyone who has ever been involved in creating an e-book knows that this is now incredibly easy."


  1. Timing is interesting. This morning I just updated that on my iPad. The ebook authoring aspect looks interesting. Although since I was often a book designer for hire back in the print DTP days, I'll be curious to see how flexible the authoring is. Will it be able to handle poetry better than any of the ereaders have so far? So far, that's been a disappointment.

    I also have the Kindle app on my iPad now, so don't need to get a Kindle. It's interesting where all these emulations are converging.

  2. Writers Beware has some interesting things to say about the EULA, which you have to approve just to download the software. Basically, you give Apple the publishing right to the format, as well as the right for them to reject it. So if you create something and they reject it, you're out of luck. Mildly more draconian than the usual agreements.