Monday, April 30, 2012

Maybe, maybe not …

… The Millions : The Bathrobe Era: What the Death of Print Newspapers Means for Writers. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Given that plenty of literature was produced before there were newspapers, it seems reasonable to assume that literature will be continue to be produced when there no longer are newspapers.A good bit of literature produced before there were newspapers was pretty good. Think Shakespeare or Montaigne or Dante or Homer or …


  1. Yes, that's true, but those writers didn't have to contend with the internet. Most of them didn't spend a significant portion of their time living virtually.

  2. Frankly, newspapers are only one source of information on what I ought to read. Of course, if a book has a lot of positive buzz, I will be inclined to browse it at the bookstore. The operative word is buzz. And that can be generated anywhere, most of all online.

  3. You're right, Lee, of course. But I am constitutionally annoyed by these articles that keep coming out preaching woe is us because things aren't going tone like they were before. Great artists always find a way to do great art. Hell, even fifth-rate artists usually do.