Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thoughts on Hugo...

Hugo is an excellent movie with old-world charm and brilliant cinematography. The entire movie takes place on a 1930s Paris railway station, with flowergirls and porters and policemen and old lovers milling about. The colours, sights and sounds are all captured with accuracy (well, I wasn't there, but it felt right). The story of Hugo, the young prodigy who is trying to fix an automaton bequeathed by his father. Remember that iconic picture of the moon with a bullet in its face? That's from "Voyage to the Moon", a 1902 film by Georges Méliès, who is also a character in Hugo (Méliès is played by Ben Kingsley). A touching heartwarming story, Hugo shines for the absolutely stunning acting on show by child artist Asa Butterfield. Must watch!!!

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