Saturday, December 29, 2012

No comment …

 Is  Michiko Kakutani Incompetent or Just Crazy?  (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

See also: Myth & Errors in the Reporting on Antifragile by the Members of the 1%, The InternationalFraternityofEmptySuitsNotExposedtoHarm (IFESNEH).


  1. julie9:13 AM

    Wow...Taleb seems to be going off base a little. Kakutani may be simply commenting on Taleb's link between mammograms ans a doctor's actions, which seems like a factual logical error on Taleb's part re: causation. The second link -- Taleb's own words -- are so confusing as to be meaningless. I still think Taleb has done great work but he is guilty in Antifragile of doing what he accuses the world of doing; building a system based on scant and contradictory evidence. He's becoming the the tipping point guy. As to Kakutani's review, it seems fair and respectful, but she has been accused of being a bully:

  2. Yeah, Julie, Taleb seems to be turning into a one-man band of overweening self-righteousness. Maybe his next theme should be Antiboring.