Monday, September 23, 2013

Or not …

… Getting Naked in the Public Square | Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

… is it possible that the Church has succeeded in making it abundantly clear what the moral consequences of the encounter with the Risen Christ are, while failing miserably in leading the faithful to that encounter? And that, in doing so, the Church—especially in the United States—has unwittingly helped create a counter-religion, based on Her own moral teachings? 
It is the difference between faith that is lived and faith that it merely an intellectual position.

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  1. "... faith that it merely an intellectual position." Yes Frank you are right (as -- almost -- always.) When I read an article like this, which I think was well done and then I go down to the comments, there are usually disturbing strains of moral criticism there, scolds proclaiming the failings of the Church, the Pope and every other damn thing because the rules aren't being followed, while the Greatest Commandment stands ignored. Occasionally I like to light up the comments board of this type of article by replying to the scolds with Luke 11:46: "Woe to you who laden men with burdens..."