Sunday, August 24, 2014

Really, really speaking truth to power …

… Egyptian Female Activist Poses Nude and Poops on ISIS Flag. Yes, Really. (Photo).

This is a far cry from the usual celebrity posturing. This could well mean risking your life.

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  1. Well, political speech -- even when appropriately motivated -- can be in bad taste and dangerous. Let us hope this woman is well insulated against the expected Islamic backlash. You know, people often have emotional reactions to desecrations of symbols. Imagine someone "posturing" similarly with the American flag at many times in our history. (Jane Fonda was only sitting at an anti-aircraft position, and that did not work out well for her.) No, I am not defending the barbaric ISIS/ISIL wackos who might be offended, but I wonder about this woman's common sense (with a tip of the hat to T. Paine)