Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gee, I never knew …

… my particular religious faith was bizarre: Marco Rubio’s real disqualification: New video outlines bizarre religious faith — and he wants to govern by it - Salon.com.

Not two weeks into the new year, the frocked and beanied capo dei capi of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, chose to impose upon humanity a book of his own authorship, “The Name of God Is Mercy.” The title alone should have given reviewers cause to dispatch the tome, unopened, straight into the waste bin. “Mercy?” From a purportedly omnipotent Lord who chose to sire a kid whom He subjected to ghastly tortures culminating in execution? Who battered and abused poor Job on a whim? Who ordered a patriarch to knife his own long-awaited son? The name of God, were God to exist, would be anything but mercy.
Rubio, of course, is a Catholic, as I am. But the author of this piece obviously despises Christians in general and Catholics in particular. And I guess he isn't old enough to remember JFK. I don't care what he thinks, and I would never suggest his piece should not have been published (it's good to know who hates you). But I wonder if Salon would have published a similarly intemperate piece about, say, Muslims.

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  1. Did Salon publish the notorious Mohammed cartoons (i.e., the ones that caused the murderous rage in France and elsewhere)? Does anyone of consequence really read Salon? (The answer to that second question is "Yes," and those people are in positions of influence and power in society, which should scare the hell out of everyone.)