Thursday, August 25, 2016

So very true …

… With Perry Como’s Music, Dig Deeper Than ‘Hot Diggity’ - WSJ. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)
…  there was nothing somnolent about Como’s unassuming, soft-spoken vocalism, which was intensely musical. His phrasing was unostentatiously elegant, his diction flawless, and though he wasn’t a jazz singer, he floated atop the beat so effortlessly that he was able to sing Brazilian bossa-nova songs like Antônio Carlos Jobim’s “Dindi” and “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars” with the same unhurried poise that he brought to the pre-rock standards that he loved best.
Here's some proof:

Actually, I remember liking "Hot Diggity" when it came out (I was 14 — and yes the tune is derived from Chabrier's España). As the sales indicate, so did lots of other people. Nothing wrong with "Silly Love Songs," right? By the way, I once dated a young lady who grew up next door to the Comos in Port Washington, NY. Apparently, he was just as he seemed — laid-back, kind, and unassuming. An exemplary Catholic, too, I gather.

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