Thursday, October 27, 2016

Exploring the truth...


  1. This is filled with foolishness. Police officers are not to get into situations where their guns might get into the wrong hands. A police officer knows just how black a driver is, if she is between him and a suspect. The federal government is now working overtime finding out just how bad police procedures are. This is one of those articles that I stop reading, because I already get the craziness of the writer, which leads to insisting on assumptions, and don't need to read any more applications.

  2. My nephew is a cop (as was my father).So I guess I'm bound to regarded as partial, if not downright biased. My nephew is stationed in what is known in these parts as the Badlands. What he sees on a daily basis differs considerably from BLM rhetoric.

  3. The BLM movement is absolutely not against police. There may be some involved who are rightfully angry with police, but it is more to do with taking the discrimination and bad training out. Proper police training in areas where this does not happen is one positive, such as is taking place in Chicago and Baltimore. Cops are getting off under the premise that they followed the procedures of the department, which were faulty.

    Getting more involved with the community, in such places thought of as badlands, is another. In Lowell, we have neighborhood satellite precincts, and police who engage neighbors in conversation. It's happened to me in my neighborhood.

    That there is prejudice when engaging people of color is unquestionable. To deny the prejudice is to be purposely blind. This is what is killing and harming so many of our citizens. The treatment of black women, treated without respect and as if disposable is a serious sub-problem. This is real and needs to be addressed. What other movement can do this?

    I have stepped in the middle of an encounter between a trooper and a good black citizen who had his 7-year-old son in the car, a son who should never have been exposed to the cops tirade against the father, the father having done nothing wrong who was safely pulling up to pick up the grandmother at the designated pick-up spot at the airport, and who acted only respectfully to the angry-acting trooper.

    There was no good reason to chastise and yell at the father, no reason to escalate the situation when the father was only being polite and respectful in return. To expose the child to such behavior from a cop, is to let him know that he should expect the same in his lifetime, just as his father is due no respect.

    And it is true, black families raise their children differently. They fear their own children will not be able to navigate such attacks by police. Interesting statistic here, a car driven by a black driver is far more likely to be stopped and searched for drugs. Drug are far more likely to be in cars driven by whites.

    Back to the airport. Onlookers were agape and aghast at the trooper's behavior toward the black family, a proper use of those two words. I intervened when I saw that there was no way out, that any further escalation would lead to an arrest.

    If this cop does not sound like your father, it's because he is nothing like him.

    Even though the Marshall Project article is filled with bullet holes in how it wants to "defend" the atrociously violent behavior of bad cops, the fraction of credence to the attempt to equalize the treatment between blacks and other groups ~~ it's hook for its readership ~~ is because other groups receive negatively prejudicial treatment as well. For instance, American Indians, who also have a lives-matter movement ( This would not be along only racial lines, there are other prejudices involved as well. In other words, where we might find other groups being treated as badly as blacks, we can assume a discrimination flag. The Marshall Project article wants to assume the opposite.

    BLM people are not against cops. Some cops are against the BLM movement, important distinction. It is very difficult to be against BLM. You have to mis-characterize it. I have a rant poem that just got nominated for IBPC. Here's the nom followed by the poem:

    BLM is all and only about whether we can love people with dark pigment and Negroid features. The movement is a way that people of color have to address these violent attacks.