Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A literary adventure …

… A Graphic Literary Tourism Experience | Nigel Beale, Writer, Broadcaster.

There’s a good deal of the detective in a literary tourist, much of which is explained by the thrill of ferreting out connections that shed light on the life of authors and books and places. Intrigued by this local publishing phenomenon, I wanted to know more. What kind of books did they produce? Who was this ambitious young publisher named Miller? Where did he live and work? What did he look like? I couldn’t find a photograph of him anywhere. Nothing in the city archives. Nothing on the Internet. I had so many questions — almost as many as Andrew Sheer has for Justin Trudeau. The Graphic Publishers mystery, just like a political scandal, demanded solving, so I started to dig and after a good many twists and turns, eventually found much more than I’d originally bargained for.

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