Monday, August 27, 2018

Sound advice …

 The McCarrick Mess | RealClearReligion.
Before I broach the subject of how to do this, permit me to say a few words about unhelpful strategies being bandied about. A first one is indiscriminate scapegoating. The great philosopher René Girard taught us that when communities enter into crisis, people typically commence desperately to cast about for someone or some group to blame. In the catharsis of this indiscriminate accusation, they find a kind of release, an ersatz peace.
Unlike Bishop Barron, I was taught that Satan was a real spiritual person and certain experiences I have had have only served to reinforce that notion. I was also once asked to leave a gathering of professed Satanists for offending their religious sensibilities by finding the proceedings irresistibly hilarious.  I certainly second Bishop Barron;s conclusion: "we should ask the heavenly powers to fight with us and for us. I might suggest especially calling upon the one who crushes the head of the serpent."

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