Monday, September 24, 2018

Good Bye and there is no "other side" -- I am who I am

Frank posted on “transgenderism” which isn’t even a word.  The rest of the article was filled with similar stupidity, including a lack of any understanding of the science as well as uninformed speculation.  (For example, yes I knew I was trans when I was very young.)

To make it very clear there isn't anything substantive and real in the article, rather it is about one man’s opinion who doesn’t like people like me.  That makes it transphobic and hostile.  Same thing as an uninformed article about people who are different religions, colors, sexual orientations, etc. etc.

I deal with this all the time in life and work, pure prejudice based on ignorance.  I’m not dealing with it now here in Books Inq. where I was an invited blogger.

Crap.  I just wanted/needed one place.  This one came from nowhere and it hurt.

Take care all and good bye.


  1. Hi Julie,
    I have written you a note about this, which I hope will cause you to reconsider. It is an article. You are fully capable of responding to it with reason and, above all, knowledge derived from experience.The author of the article used to review for me. She is not a bad person. Some good could come from this.
    So please think things over. Much good could come from this.

  2. Hi Julie,
    Despite the article -- or perhaps Frank is right, even because of it -- I would like to add my voice to his: please stay! Your experiences, views, and yes, feelings are so crucial to a better understanding of this difficult world we live in.


  3. Yes Frank but I shouldn't need to. I spend my life engaging. You can't imagine what it is like, to justify your existence. There is no other side. It is an ignorant and hurtful piece and yes I knew who I was when I was very young.

    I just posted about being beat up by a group of lesbians because of who I am. It's not fun — I am sad and lonely because I am rejected by all. I don't even have a family anymore.

    And my story is so sad that is is impossible to live it and fight back sometimes.

    For you it is an interesting debate I guess. For me it is someone denying my human dignity, without any sense or facts.

  4. Hi Julie, first of all, we are sorry for the hurt caused. You are a member of the Books Inq family and we value your contribution here.

    I see your point about the blog being a safe place and I empathise fully with your struggles. But I have known Frank for a long time (as I suppose you have too) and I can guarantee that his comments are not merely an intellectual exercise. He genuinely cares about these issues, but more importantly, he is a firm believer in the power of kindness. So, the hurt caused is inadvertent and I urge you to reconsider.

    Finally, if I may, I do not think the article is attacking trans people. It is merely asking if perhaps there should be an age limit below which kids should not be allowed to make changes to their bodies. This is a completely different debate from the reality of someone like you who is living as a trans person, and has identified as a trans woman for a long time.

    Pls do not leave the blog. I speak for everyone here when I say that we greatly value your membership. Our apologies again.

    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Julie, I would like you to stay on too