Thursday, November 22, 2018

Save dogmas for theology …

… When Climate Change Consensus Becomes Dogma, Not Science.

A hard problem. The CEO of Google thinks that the question of whether or not to permit minority opinions on social media is a hard problem. Let’s hope Big Tech works that one out wisely because if the thumbs-down side of the debate wins, the likes of Nicholas Lewis and Climate Etc. would be lumped in with anti-vaxxers and banished from the digital public square. So when faulty, tendentious science appears in places like Nature, it will go uncorrected—by design. Pinchai’s understanding of climate-change skepticism as propaganda and misinformation is itself an example of the propaganda and misinformation that dominates public discourse.


  1. There is a far more balanced discussion in the comments at the cited website called Climate Etc. See

    Abe Greenwald himself sounds awfully dogmatic.

  2. We should be paying attention to the grand solar minimum that seems to be in the works. See